Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No more lying around!

This little man ain't happy just lying around in his pram anymore. Benzen usually gets to snuggle up in his cocoon in his Phil and Teds pram but now he wants to sit up and see the world. Yesterday we were out on our walk and he was trying to tell me that he had had enough of looking up at Mr Pink-Foot-Rabbit and his chymes. He wanted to see what was going on and check it out! I, of course, just thought he was hungry or just cranky for being out in the wind. I tried jogging to cheer him up - that wasn't it. I tried soothing him with the dummy - that wasn't it. I finally thought "hey, maybe he wants to sit up?" The moment, the moment, I rearranged the seating arrangement and got him up = HAPPY LITTLE FELLA! (That's all he was trying to tell me all along. Mom just has to figure it out by herself. Sometimes I'm just a slow learner.)

Now I've got to put the handy little bar across his seat so he doesn't fall out the front! It was also good timing that Benzen wanted to sit up because he has basically grown out of the cocoon. And conveniently the warmer weather is coming so he doesn't have to be bundled quite as much. (By the way - Benny is in the pram in the above picture. Just tucked away nicely having a nap while Colin played his last game of footy a few weeks back).

Today I worked again. It makes it so much easier having Colin come to work with me and look after Benny while I work. Colin brings in Benny for a feed and then they go out together and just hang out. That's what they get to do - just hang out. We'll see how long we can manage this!

I got back to my Pilates class again today too. Gotta work on my hamstring length. Terribly tight. But the class is good for me. And luckily for me Heather came too. What that meant was that Colin got to babysit three children! Wii and doritos was what kept the kiddies entertained!

Still trying to get my papers for the tax man sorted. What I don't understand is how much it costs to go the tax man to do my taxes for me, yet they do nothing to help me get myself organized. A checklist would be helpful to make sure I have all my paperwork. The tax office sends out packets of information to help people like me (ignorant accounting people that is) but yet accountants go to school for 4 years to be able to do tax. Right. A bit unfair if you ask me!! Anyways, I'll try and get it sorted by Friday. Doom day. But the refund cheque is always nice and I won't complain about that!

I just have one request - would the warm weather please come back! You were here and now you're gone. We miss you.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spring has sprung!

The big milestone for this month is that Benzen has found his feet and likes to put them in his mouth. Talk about flexible. I'm getting to a Pilates class once a week and I can only dream of getting my head anywhere near my feet! I love the pure happiness that Benzen has about everything. Just opening his blinds in the morning brings a great big smile to his face. Making funny noises brings out a giggle in him! Love it.

Heather and I are having great times just hanging out together. I think we are taking full advantage of this year together. With three kids between us we need to shuffle car seats around between our vans to get around. Friday got us out on a walk and then grocery shopping before Carter's tennis lesson. This is what shopping and a van full of car seats looks like .

A smile for Benzen's Grampa Wright.
It seems to me that the month of September which is the first month of Spring has definitely brought warmer weather. This winter in particular has been a bit chilly and I've been hanging for warmer weather. Sabbath brought a glorious day of sunshine. We got to Sabbath school and then decided to skip church to go on a picnic. We took Philip, Heather, Carter and Madeline along with Grampa Ron and Gramma Robyn to Shingle Splitters. There was warm wind and good food! Bring on more picnics I say!

Avondale school had a fun day which I have never attended in the past 6 years. Having kids gives me plenty of excuses to do things I don't normally do. So loading the kids into the vans off we went. Jumping castles, food stalls, baby animals, book sale (does it get any better than 50 cent books) and the highlight for Philip and Carter was a helicopter ride! I was thoroughly impressed with what they had there and will plan to go again next year.
Heather and I decided to be a bit adventurous and left the kiddies with Philip and Colin and headed to the shops. I had full intentions of getting some new summer tops and a new swimsuit but came away with two pair of pants! Just what happens I guess. All it means is that we'll have to go again another day!!
Monday finally saw me able to clean the pool and finish up all the folding! I have my daily to-do lists that I actually take all week to complete. And that's okay. This week we've got our tax man appointment and I need to finish a manual I've been working on for work. I have a few letters I want to post and a list of things to get ready for big camp! A day of work, a trip to Ikea and a session on starting solids! A little busy but manageable.
Today: a walk is on the agenda and the manual to work on. Otherwise let's just play and make noises!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Here I am again.

Hi! Over the past few days I've had a few people mention to me that I haven't updated my blog in awhile. It got me thinking that people actually check it and like it! So thank you. I have never been someone who has kept a faithful journal or diary. I've got a few travel journals that have started out well and well by the third day has dwindled off. So I don't have high expectations of this little thing but I'll post when I've been inspired.

So on to all the news over the past 7 months . . .

My little man Benzen Ron Burzacott born April 20, 2008. What an amazing day of his birth day. I found the delivery empowering, scary, short, exhilarating and oh so worth it! I had a midwife who was so right for me and Colin. She was able to read me and got me to where I wanted to be.

We picked the name Benzen about a week before he was born. We liked the short forms of Ben so we decided to go for a little bit of a twist and throw the z into the name. We know of no other Benzen so he can grow into the name and make it his own. Ron is for Colin's dad who we both admire so much. He is kind, considerate, thoughtful and someone who adores his family. And the Burzacott part is to link us all together!

This photo was taken on the first ride in the car on the way home from hospital. In the past 4 1/2 months Benzen usually loves his car rides. He can fall asleep and enjoys talking to anyone who is in the car.

So much wonderful things have happened since Benzen was born. I will try and share with photos and stories over the next little while. But one of the most special things that have happened is that my brother Philip, his wife Heather and their two kids Carter and Madeline have moved to Australia for a year. Can I just say how spoiled I am?? This was one of the first photos of Madeline giving Benzen a cuddle when she first met him. Yeah, it's blurry but isn't that the way life is? Both Carter and Madeline adore Benzen and love to give him lots of love and cuddles. This next year will be full of life, love and happiness!

I'll leave you with those photos for now. As for today I've got about 4 loads of laundry to fold (my least favourite job ever), papers to organize for the tax man, clean the pool , make my bed, run a few errands and get out for a walk. Spaghetti and meat balls are on the menu for dinner tonight. And I get to hear about Carter's swimming lesson today! I'm off to hang a load to laundry out!