Thursday, August 31, 2006

We're in.

Sorry no blog for awhile! We've officially moved in and pretty much settled. The dogs have been really good (only one incident of chasing wallabies!!). We love visitors, so please come any time. For those of you on our email list (that's probably anyone reading this!) you'll be getting a mass email shortly with all our details on them. We're are currently changing our internet provider since we live in the country now, and it's not up and running yet. HOpefully soon.

I can't tell you how much I love our new place. We're calling it 'MapleGum'. Why, you may ask? My answer: BECAUSE I CAN!!! I love the quiteness, the serenity, the peacefulness about it all. The kookaburras on my porch, the wallabies on my grass and I even like the rooster call at 5.30am!! Colin and I will probably become early morning risers because of ol' Mister Rooster! I've fresh eggs, fresh lemons and tank water! My fireplace is relaxing and my outdoor spa - spectacular!

Have I convinced you to come and visit??!!

I'll be posting photos soon once our computer is up and running.

I am thoroughly blessed. My husband took on this challenge with me and we're doing it together! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Isn't that what they say??

Stop by anytime!!

Monday, August 21, 2006


We've been busy packing. Right now I"m in the midst of packing my kitchen and I have found a few more tea towels than I thought I had! Lucky me. It's amazing what you find when you have to pack a house! Last week I was looking through my husband's box of goodies and I found a diary he kept when he was 13! Oh so cute. We had a good chuckle or two!!

Moving day is in 3 days time. We get the keys in 2 days time. Anyone available on Thursday night and wanna help us move?? We've only got a few heavy things - piano, fridge, washing machine. That's about it. I might even get you some pizza for tea if you stay long enough . . .

Right now I'm logged into my neighbours internet access (I'm sure Scaz won't mind!!) to blog this. It happens that our phone provider (should I mention names!!) disconnected us 5 days early!!! As my husband would say "Mongrels!!" So, if you try to ring me you won't get through. You can try our mobile phones. We do have a new number for our new place, but I"m not sure when that will be connected and I won't be posting it here. I'll be sending a mass email with all our new details. If you don't get one and want to know where I live, you'll have to leave a comment!! Did I mention that you might want to know where I'm moving to since the new house has a hot tub and pool???

You can bet I'll be posting some photos very soon. Grandma - I"m sorry it's taken so long. I'll be posting them as soon as we move in!! My Grandma has been asking for them for ages and I haven't done it yet! Terrible.

Anyways, back to packing my plates. We'll see how much gets broken in the move!! Any excuse to buy new things right!!! Nobody tell Colin of my scheme!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Update and a birthday!

So . . . no one has nagged me about updating my blog. I bet it's because you've been adoring my house so much and didn't want to see it move! I know that's why. Don't try and hide it!!

Good news. Have ourselves some renters. Thrilled actually. The plan of attack for next week is get keys on Wed, moving truck Thurs and Fri, clean house Sat night in time for renters on Sun. Or so it'll go! I cannot tell you how much I'm looking forward to heat!! I'll be a new person!

Well, New Zealand was our last trip a few weeks ago. Met my best friend Delena and her husband Dale in NZ and did some driving. Check out photos here:

Landed in Christchurh: (how's my depth of field!!)

Delena and Dale:

The view from the car (which was seen a lot)
New Zealand is known for the sheep. Never got tired of the seeing them.
This was a progression shot and this was the final outcome!

Our rental. Sould I send this photo to Mitsubishi or what??
Mt Cook. The highest mountain in New Zealand. All we saw was fog!

Snowboarded for the first time. A few sore bits still.
Another photo from the car!!

And I also want to tell my dad HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Aug 13 is his special day. Hope is was nice! I love you heaps!

Have a great week everyone!