Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Email update

If any of you are wondering why I haven't replied to my emails it's because we no longer have email accounts. You may still write to Colin on his work email, but I won't have email access until mid November. Something with living in the country and we can't get fast internet connection until then. You'd think we lived 500 km away from civilizations instead of 3km! I'll be in touch when it's up and running! Until then, you can keep commenting on my blog. Thanks:)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Been doing some painting.

No photos yet. And they may not come for awhile. Didn't realize how long it's going to take to paint my house:
1. First got to gap fill all the holes.
2. Wait to dry.
3. Sand.
4. Then sugar soap.
5. Wait to dry.
6. Then prime (since all the doors, frames and skirting boards are unpainted).
7. Wait to dry.
8. Then paint with semigloss paint.
**Careful not to drip on wood floors or walk in paint.**
9. Wait to dry again.
**Sit down to rest and watch Bathurst 1000.**
10. Then paint second coat of semigloss paint.
11. Then begin to cut in and paint walls.
12. Wait for wall to dry.
13. Paint second coat.
(and that is only for the entrance way!)

See what I mean??

That's about all that we've been up. Or I should say I've been up to. Colin's been busy digging holes, moving sprinklers, cleaning sheds, and everything else around the house. I tried to do some gardening yesturday. Got a bit of a jungle going on. Stepped on sprinkler. Oops. Colin was able to fix it. Then stepped on it again and this time broke it. Colin's a little annoyed. Told me to stop gardening. Go inside and paint. So I did. Haven't got to step 10 yet. Maybe next weekend.