Sunday, July 30, 2006

House for Rent

Our great news is that we've bought a new house. We'll be moving in about 4 weeks time and we've decided to rent out our present home. The property manager has asked for photos. Great I thought until I realized I had to tidy my house first!! So I've spent today doing some organizing and some tidying and took some photos. A glorious sunny day. So, if you know of anybody who needs to rent a four bedroom home with 2 bath (master bedroom has ensuite), formal dining and sitting, living room, lock up garage, carport and shed, then this is the house for them. Oh and it's in Australia if you were wondering!! We'll allow outdoor pets and you'll have wonderful neighbours!! (That's the sad thing about moving: we'll really miss our fantastic neighbours!) Hope you enjoy the tour!

Front of House:

Living Room:

Other view:


Backyard (the domain of the dogs):

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!!

July 28 is my Mom's birthday. So for her, it's her birthday today! It's a significant birthday and I want to wish her the happiest day! Wish I could be there to make you a cake! You'll have to come and visit sometime very soon! I love you very much!! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The dreams of summer

It's the middle of July. And cold. People don't think it's cold and they give me a hard time about being Canadian and the cold. "You should be used to it" comes the phrase many a times during winter. I don't bother to explain it makes no difference! When it's 6 degrees in my bedroom in the morning when I wake up - it's cold. Sure the sun comes out during the day, but the evenings are cold. So to help me make it through winter, here are some shots taken last summer at Catherine Hill Bay.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bought paint

We painted our house a few years ago. Well actually we've been painting it in stages. First was our purple entrance way. Why not?? Then I wanted to do a feature wall in out bedroom. So we had wasabi green and white (see June 1 entry). Then my parents were coming to visit so we did a feature wall in our front living room a stone blue (textured paint) and reiki the rest of the walls. Reiki is a colour between gray and brown. Quite a lovely colour really. At that point in time, we became bored or lazy and didn't do anything for awhile. Then decided to paint the rest of the house. So with the help of Leigh, we finished the kitchen, living room and hallway.

That takes us up to now and since we had left-over paint, I decided to paint one of the bedrooms, our bathroom and garage. We're painting the bathroom white. Ran out of paint so had to spend $34.95 on 2L of paint to finish "using up" our old paint. Ironic isn't it? But I'll put the blame on Colin. He didn't like the apricot colour coming through the white. Can't understand this guy?? Has he no taste?? So I had to buy paint.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Soul Nourishment

Here's a quote that I love. I have no idea who this person is or what he does, but here's the quote;

" We have to decide for ourselves what's nourishig to our souls and do those things over others."
- Thomas Moore

Does that sound good or what? Why waste time doing things that aren't relevant, important or good?? The things that nourish my soul is to talk with family and friends, walk my dogs, cook, make cards, sew, play piano, read, exercise and (would you believe) clean my house! (Now I don't clean my house all the time, but boy does it feel good when it's clean!) Why don't we do more good? Good for others, good for ourselves??

Tell me what nourishes YOUR soul?

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Today being July 1 is Canada Day! So a happy day to all my Canadian family and friends!!

Here's how we celebrated in Australia:

Thanks to Mom and Dad for the hats! My shirt reads:

"I may not be perfect,
but I'm Canadian
and that's close enough!"

Gotta love it!