Monday, December 05, 2011

Christmas sewing.

Christmas is coming so this year I was on the ball early in November. I decided I'd strike while the something is hot. (Anyone know that saying?) I made a stocking to go on my front door frin Amy Butler's pattern . The directions were a little tricky to follow but in the end it's quite a cute stocking.

Because I was on a roll I made Christmas bunting to hang around my house. I used charm squares which made it quite easy and there are double sided. Next Christmas party I have these will be hung outside!

I made this quilt a few years ago and it hangs proudly on the wall in the living room. I rather like these decorations that I can bring out for a few months and enjoy every so often!

One of these years my goal is to make a skirt for my Christmas tree. I think I should just stick to simple and get it done rather than my elaborate idea that I keep putting off because it's so extravagant! One day . . .!

I must say that getting into the Christmas spirit in the middle of November has been liberating. By the time Dec 1 rolled around all my decorations were up and my shopping finished. Online shopping is rather fun! We've had 3 Christmas parties already and I'm about to start on my Christmas mail. A little less than 3 weeks and I'm feeling good. I wanted to do an Advent calendar with activities but I got a little overwhelmed so I'm doing the activities and I'll make the calendar next year!

So many projects and so little time! Merry Christmas everyone!